Contribute to the holiday and community spirit by posting a holiday message on the Carol of Lights website! Make an online donation of $10 or more and you'll get a chance to post a message when your transaction's done.
A message from a Carol of Lights supporter...
We're grateful for a healthy community in Campbell !
A message from a Carol of Lights supporter...
Thanks for organizing this fun event!
Project Manager
This is on behalf of DPR Construction. Location at 1510 S Winchester Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128.
The Advisors from Home In Silicon Valley.Com
The Staff at wish everybody a safe, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.....The Carol of Lights distinguishes Campbell as a inspiring, vibrant community and we couldn't be prouder to be part of and involved in this event since 1999.
Director of Communications
An amazing local tradition, in memory of the late, great Sally Howe. xoxo
Freshly Worn Furniture
Happy Holidays from Freshly Worn Furniture!
Having Fun!
Remember who you were when you were 8 yrs old. Laugh,play and have FUN with the holidays! If you need help, visit us for a walk down memory lane. Sweetly, Rocket Fizz
A message from a Carol of Lights supporter...
Happy Holidays to everyone!!!
Merry Christmas South Bay!
Love, Katie, Dave, Sibi and Rohan
Happy Holidays from Delphi Academy (K-8th)
Wishing our Campbell community a wonderful holiday season! Sending a heartfelt thanks from our students and faculty to the Carol of Lights volunteers for making this event possible. Thank you!